“Minasan, kon’nichiwa. Kore wa ‘RE-VGM’ desu.”

Hopefully, I wrote that correctly in Japanese, as it’s supposed to say “Hello, everyone. This is RE-VGM.”

This week’s episode is a celebration of anime and video games, in relation to Anime Expo, which happened a couple of weekends ago at Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a weekend event that allowed fans of anime and related media to experience many venues, such as attending panels for shows and video games, shopping among the rows of vendors selling merch, and seeing what characters are being cosplayed by others. Non-stop action and mayhem ensued.

We’ll be playing tracks from video games that spawned anime shows or movies (OVA). I suppose you could call this fighting edition, as all the tracks are from fighting video games. So, lay back among your favorite anime plushies, wearing your favorite anime character or show clothes, and enjoy!

Anime Expo


Track Listing

“Mountain Rage” – [Battle Arena Toshinden] – composed by Yasuhiro Nakano and Makoto Mukai

“Theme of Eiji” – arranged by Dota Ando, from ‘Battle Arena Toshinden Power to the Techno Groove’

“Morrigan Stage (Scotland)” – [DarkStalkers: The Night Warriors (“Vampire: The Night Warriors” in Japan)] – composed by Takayuki Iwai and Hideki Okugawa

“Morrigan Stage” – arranged by ANARCH TAKAPON (aka Takayuki Iwai)

“The Twelve Challengers (Player Select Theme)” – [Samurai Shodown (“Samurai Spirits” in Japan)] – composed by Masahito Hataya and Yasuo Yamate

“Another Ju Ni Shi – Samurai Shodown (Character Select) (Remix)” – by Rukunetsu (UniversalVGMusicians)


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