We’re back with part two, in celebration of Anime Expo.

This time, we’ll listen to tracks from video games which spawned from anime shows or movies (OVA) and manga. Basically, the anime or manga was created first and then later a video game was made based on that material. We’ll learn a bit more about the anime and then hear the remix track.

And in case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t given up my usual outro music. It’s just that I find something in my research and I feel I have to play it because it’s relevant.

Anime Expo



Track Listing

“Front Line Base” – [U.N. Squadron (‘Area 88’ in Japan)] – composed by Manami Matsumae & Takashi Tateishi

“U.N. Squadron OST Remix – Frontline Base Music (Area 88)” – remixed by Plasma 3 Music (aka Pascal Michael Stiefel)

“Prairie Rain Field” – [.hack series] – composed by Chikayo Fukuda

“.hack// Prairie Rain Remix” – remixed by Nomadic Bard

“Theme of Broly” – [Dragon Ball FighterZ] – composed by Toshiyuki Kishi, Hiromi Mizutani, Kenji Katoh, and Reno

“Dragon Ball FighterZ – Broly DBS Theme” – remixed by Styzmask

Outro: “Obsession” – by See-Saw


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