Summertime is here! The skies are clear, the sun is shining, and the waves are beckoning. That means it’s time to hit the beach. Time to check that list: Summer clothes and glasses? Check. Basket of food? Check. BBQ grill and charcoal? Check. Ice chest filled with ice and drinks? Check. All devices charged? Check. Extra power banks?

On this week’s episode, we’ll head to some famous beaches in the video game world. Our first stop is at the Isle Delfino, home to the the largest and sunniest beach. Then we’ll make our way to New Zack Island, where it’s adults-only because of gambling and the minimal dress code. Our final stop will be at an archipelago of small islands near Station Square, where you can see one of the largest killer whales jump near the wooden walkways.

So, place you blankets down on the sands, pitch your umbrella by your side, and lay back as you listen to these tracks. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen…


“The 10 Best Video Game Beaches”



Track Listing

“Gelato Beach” – [Super Mario Sunshine] – composed by Koji Kondo

“On REAL steel drums – Gelato beach music – Super Mario Sunshine remix” – remixed by Steeldrumbands

“Violet Eyed Beauty” – [Dead or Alive Paradise] – composed by Gen Taneichi

“Dead or Alive: Paradise – Violet-Eyed Beauty Theme (Midnight mix)” – mixed by Lil Shawty B

“Azure Blue World… for Emerald Coast” – [Sonic Adventure] – composed by Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani

“[Sonic Adventure] Azure Blue World… for Emerald Coast || Cover” – covered by Meelz


Outro: “Azure Blue World… for Emerald Coast (Anime Remix)” – [Sonic: Between Worlds] – unknown


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