If you remember watching a commercial on TV about two kids looking dreadful as their father gleefully fills the shopping cart with pencils, notebooks, and calculators, then you know that summer is about to end and that school is about to start. The campuses will be filled with students brandishing their best backpack holding their books, papers, pens, and maybe a handheld game system with some games. The classrooms will be buzzing with talk and gossip about who is the teacher, how ‘interesting’ will the subject be, and who’s going out with which classmate. Sadly, it also means homework, essays, and projects galore. Oh, the workload!

But don’t fret; this week’s episode will have tracks from video games that take place on school grounds. On the school menu, there’s a fantasy realm among three houses, a typical Japanese high school following a female student, and a delinquent male trying to stop students from pushing others around. Whether it’s learning to fight or understanding relationships, school is the place to be for all your physical, social, and mental needs.

So, put your wireless headphones beneath your covered ears and hear these school-themed tracks as you pass that love note from across the desk. Hey, look attentive before the teacher catches you!


“The 13 Best Games Set in A School, Ranked”



Track Listing

“Fire Emblem Three Houses Main Theme” – [Fire Emblem: Three Houses] – composed by Takeru Kanazaki (Intelligent Systems)

“Three Houses Main Theme – Remix Cover (Fire Emblem Three Houses) – remixed and covered by Vetrom

“Blue Reflection” – [Blue Reflection] – composed by Hayato Asano

“Blue Reflection OST (Eliana Remix)” – remixed by Eliana

“Bully Main Theme” – [Bully] – composed Shawn Lee

“Bully Theme Cover” – covered by SquidPhysics

Outro: “Lady of Hrsvleg – Three Houses -” – [Fire Emblem: Three Houses] – composed by Takeru Kanazaki, lyrics by Toshiyuki Kusakihara, vocals by Caro


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