Okay, I confess that I have played some scary video games. This includes mobs I encountered that were inhuman: mutated by some genetic experiment, infected by a widespread disease, or conjured by the imagination of the main character. These mobs may jump out of nowhere, ready to hurt with sheer strength or surround in great numbers. The settings of these games are often dark and obscure, with hints of light that may or may not lead to some refuge. Sometimes the reason for being there is enough to shiver your spines and raise the hairs on your arms. While these descriptions may seem like small talk, for me they are what I define as scary.

For this week’s episode, we’ll be listening to tracks from scary video games that I’ve played. From a zombie apocalypse, to an underwater city, to a vacation at a remote town turned into a nightmare, these games have given me some thrills and plenty of chills in my efforts to reach the next checkpoint.

Some may say that these games are nothing compared to Resident Evil or Silent Hill; that’s fine for me. Until I can gather up the courage to play these games, I’ll stay with the ones with which I’m more familiar…



Track Listing


Intro and Outro: “Thriller” – Michael Jackson (spoken word by Vincent Price), from the album “Thriller”


“The Ocean on His Shoulders” and “Welcome to Rapture” – [Bioshock] – composed by Garry Schyman

“Welcome to Rapture – Metal Cover” – covered by Sbeast

“Main Menu” – [Left 4 Dead] – composed by Mike Morasky

“Left 4 Dead” – Menu Theme Synthwave [Primary Slot] – remixed by Primary Slot

“Alan Wake (Maine Theme)” – [Alan Wake] – composed Petri Alanko

“Alan Wake Theme [Trace Remix]” – remixed by Trance RemiX


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