Have you ever heard a track that made you say “Hey, I played that game in that franchise!”, turn up the volume to 11, and well up with pride as tears flowed from your eyes?

More than likely, that track was the main theme for that video game franchise. In a sense, it could be considered that the anthem, a song that fills you up with a sense of identity, purpose, and prestige. It’s like the Pokemon Theme (from last episode, #57, “Catch That Pokemon!”). You know (most of) the words, you close your eyes, and you remember all the things that made the franchise awesome.

This week, we’re going to listen to several video game tracks that could be considered the anthem for their particular franchise. An elven warrior, a blue hedgehog, and a crazy bandicoot walking into a game room. Oh, and we’re also celebrating National Anthem Day, on March 4th.

I’m sure some could argue otherwise, and honestly I welcome such opinion, as well as opportunity to play more tracks. For now, enjoy the tracks and celebrate the franchises that are a part of our childhood!



Track Listing

“Title Track” – [Legend of Zelda] – composed by Koji Kondo

“The Legend of Zelda : Title Theme Orchestral Arrangement” – arranged by The Noble Demon

“Green Hill Zone” – [Sonic the Hedgehog] – composed by Masato Nakamura

“Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone (Epic Orchestral Cover/Remix)” – arranged by The String Player Gamer

“Map” – [Crash Bandicoot] – composed by Josh Mancell

“Crash Bandicoot Orchestra” – remixed by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra


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