With the changing of seasons, it’s time to get on our knees, bend over, and reach for that specific tool that will help plant some seeds (if your mind is thinking of something else, you may want to get out of the gutter).

Today we’re celebrating National Gardening Day. Started recently in 2018 by a publishing company for do-it-yourself gardening and home improvement, its purpose was to bring attention to the hobby of gardening. All levels of experience are welcome to share their accomplishments and learn from each other’s efforts to grow that wonderful and bountiful crop of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Not all gardens have to be large plots of land; you can have pots of plants lined up in the backyard or help in a public community garden.

We’ll be listening to tracks from video games that involve gardening in some fashion: having a wonderful life under a harvest moon, going to the valley to revitalize a farm, and dealing with a strange phenomena while planting crops.

Let’s put on our gloves, gather our tools and seeds, and start planting and nurturing for our physical and mental health.


National Gardening Day



Track Listing

“Wonderful Life” – [Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life] – composed by Dai Nakajima

“Harvest Moon A Wonderul Life Title Theme Remix” – remixed by MelodyCrystel

“Overture” – [Stardew Valley] – composed by ConcernedApe (Eric Barone)

“Stardew Valley Overture [Acoustic Electric Cover] || Metal Fortress” – covered by Metal Fortress

“Main Theme” – [Harvestella] – composed by Go Shiina

“Harvestella: Vows Between Man and Star (Title Theme) – strings and harp” – covered by Pattie Rudisill (violin) and Samantha Ballard (harp)


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