It’s a new special episode of On Stage Now this month, but I must preface that it is a somber one.

Several weeks ago, it was announced on Twitter that a Remixer from the Overclocked Remix community had passed away. His name was Daniel Woodyer, aka PirateCrab, a heavy metal guitarist who performed covers and remixes of pop songs and video game music. He released several singles and collaborated on a few albums, and his YouTube channel displayed his impressive and playful guitar skills and singing ability.

PirateCrab is our featured guest for this month’s episode of “On Stage Now”. We’ll be playing a list of tracks he performed, some that were mentioned on Twitter by those who knew him or collaborated with them.

Prepare to enjoy these tracks… and yes, these tracks go to 11.


PirateCrab (Personal Website, YT, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, BC, SC, Patreon, Ko-fi, Overclocked Remix)



Track Listing

Intro: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World – METAL COVER || PirateCrab” – by Tears for Fears – covered by PirateCrab

“To the Moon or Bust! [The Moon]” – [DuckTales]

“Candles Galore (Secret Room)” – [Super Castlevania IV] – from the album “Vampire Variations Volume III”

“SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – GUITAR MEDLEY!” – [Sonic the Hedgehog]

“Fury Cutter” – [Jet Force Gemini] – from the album “Mizar Attacks!”

“Final Fantasy VII – Boss Theme METAL COVER (Still More Fighting | Fight On!)” – [Final Fantasy VII]

“Halo Theme – METAL COVER” – [Halo: Combat Evolved]

“Forza Finale (from “Kingdom Hearts III”)” – [Kingdom Hearts III]

“Apex Legends – EPIC METAL COVER” – [Apex Legends]

“FF7 Prelude Remix” – [Final Fantasy VII Prelude]


YouTube playlist