It’s time for another man-on-the-street episode, this time at Bak-Anime.

Bak-Anime is a two-day annual convention that happened last weekend, May 20 & May 21, at the Kern County Fairground in Bakersfield, CA. Created at the request of fans from the Bakersfield Comic Con, this convention is a smaller yet more personal venue from Anime Expo. It was located across two buildings and a courtyard, with vendors, independent creators, voice over actors and actresses, a gaming area, and a panel area. They also had a car show and Okamoto Kitchen providing some food and drinks.

I was able to gather more interviews, speaking with vendors, creators, and cosplayers, about video game music and covers and remixes. Some were aware of covers and remixes, with one noting Lindsey Stirling as such an artist. I also met with a group with a mission to provide positivity and support to those with mental health issues and being bullied.

Enjoy what they have to say, along with some video game, both original and covers and remixes.


Bak-Anime (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Bakersfield Anime Picnic (Facebook, Instagram)



Track Listing

“Undertale Remix: Your Best Nightmare” – [Undertale] – composed by Toby Fox, remixed by RetroSpecter

“Deja vu (Cement City Cover)” – [The World Ends With You] – composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, lyrics by SAWA, covered by Cement City

“Tanjirou no Uta (Rui Boss Battle Ver.)” – [Demon SlayerL The Hinokami Chronicles] – composed by Masaru Shiina, remixed by tnbee

“Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal | Red Battle Theme Remix” – [Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal] – composed by Jun Masuda, remixed by jesterdist

“Final Fantasy | Yuna’s Theme Remix” – [Final Fantasy X] – composed by Nobuo Uematsu, remixed by Jake Burrone

“V3 Argument HOPE VS DESPAIR – Remix Cover (Dangaronpa V3)” – [Dangaronpa V3] – composed by Masafumi Takada, covered by Vetrom

“Fallout 4 – Main Theme (EPIC metal cover)” – [Fallout 4] – composed by Inon Zur, covered by Rocky_311

“The Legend of Zelda – Song of Time (reorchestrated)” – [The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask] – composed by Koji Kondo, remixed by HyruleOrchestra

“Together in the Moonlit Forest” – Bayonetta Origins: Cereza & the Lost Demon] – composed by Hitomi Kurokawa, Irish lyrics by Michael McGlynn, Irish vocals by Lauren McGlynn

Outro:  “Doombane (Path of Yaksha) – Remix Cover (Genshin Impact)” – [Genshin Impact] –  composed by Yu-Peng Chen, remixed by Vetrom


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