It’s June, which means it’s time for The Masters of VGM, a community event among participating podcasts in which they get to talk about their chosen composers based on a theme. They may condense it into a one episode or spread it out across several episodes, all within the month of June.

This year, the theme for MoVGM is underappreciated or up-and-coming composers. It can be composers that are rarely discussed at length or perhaps overshadowed by more famous ones. It can also be about composers that have recently started out and are being noticed because of a title or their recent work.

This week’s episode will look at a composer for the recently popular MMORPG “Genshin Impact”: Yu-Peng Chen. He actually started with television and movies before producing soundtracks for video game. Also, Genshin Impact was not the only game he’s produced; that honor goes to Moonlight Blade, a mobile game that was only available in China.

If you’re a fan of Yu-Peng Chen or a player of Genshin Impact, I hope you’ll enjoy. If you’re curious about Genshin Impact, I hope these tracks will pique your curiosity.


“When you realize there’s math behind Sumeru music…”



Track Listing

(All tracks composed and produced by Yu-Peng Chen)

“Wandering in the End of the World” – [Moonlight Blade]

“Moonlight Blade Remix” – remixed by Mugen Beats

“Bustling Afternoon in Mondstadt” – [Genshin Impact] – from “City of Winds and Idylls”

“Bustling Afternoon in Mondstadt from “Genshin Impact” | Jazz Version” – covered by Ruscel Torres (ImRuscelOfficial)

“Liyue” – [Genshin Impact] – from “Jade Moon Upon a Se of Clouds”

“Liyue | Genshin Impact | Instrumental Quartet | Chinese Flute” – remixed by Jae Meng, in collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider, Lu Ehru, and Guofeng Miaomiaomi

“Streets of Elegance” – from “Realm of Tranquil Eternity”

“Inazume OST – Streets of Elegance (Piano Remake)” – remade by Jisen

“Sumeru” – from “Forest of Jnana and Vidya”

“Sumeru Theme (EPIC VERSION)” – remixed by Farabi Hasan Music

Outro: “Fontaine Theme (Fan-Made) | Genshin Impact” – remixed by Farabi Hasan Music


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