Welcome to the 2nd episode of Masters of VGM. This week’s spotlight is on Keita Haga.

Keita Haga is known widely for his work on the Fate series. The series encompasses all media related to Fate: manga, anime, and video games. Haga-san has composed music for the popular mobile game Fate/Grand Order, along with several games on the console and arcade. However, it’s not just games with the word “Fate” in it. He’s also composed music for the Melty Blood series and the Tsukihime series.

Have a listen as we play tracks from several video games, going back to the Sega Saturn game “Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon”. Hope you’re enjoying these and other fine episodes from participating podcasts of Masters of VGM.



Track Listing

“Supreme Ruler of Hell (Conqueror of Makai in Japan)” – [Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon] – composed by Kou Hayashi, Makoto Mano

“Supreme Ruler of Hell (kate remix)” – [Waku Puyo Dungeon Keitteiban] – remixed by Keita Haga (kate)

“Actor’s Anteroom” – [Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code]

“Actor’s Anteroom (Melty Blood) Remix” – remixed by MarsBars

“Seimeisen (Lifeline)” (E.P. Theme Song) – [Tsukihime ~A piece of blue glass moon~] – composed by Kegani, vocals by ReoNa

“Seimeisen (Kuroshina Hardcore Mix)” – remixed by Kuroshina Music

“Grand Battle” – [Fate/Grand Order]

“[FGO] Grand Battle Theme – Remix Cover [Symphonic Metal Cover]” – remixed by Kieran Zane Roberts

Outro: “Fellows” (Ending Theme) – [Carnival Phantasm] – composed by Keita Haga, lyrics by Keita Haga, vocals by Masaaki Endoh, from the album “THE BEST”


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