The Caped Crusader. The World’s Greatest Detective. The Gotham Guardian. The Dark Knight. Bats.

He’s known by many names, but everyone knows him as Batman. Bruce Wayne takes on this identity to solve the city’s mysteries and deal with its denizens of criminals and underground organizations. Thanks to his many vehicles and arsenal, Batman is able to carry himself through thick and thin, though at times he may have some enlisted help.

This week, we’re celebrating Batman Day, which happens on September 16th. We’ll be listening to tracks from several Batman-related games: a game based on a movie, a follow-up to the first game, and a series centered on Arkham. We’ll also have covers and remixes to follow each track.

Prepare to don the caped coif and tighten the utility belt as we follow Batman on his journey for justice, redemption, and meaning.


Batman Day



Track Listing

Intro: “Opening” – “Batman: The Animated Series” – composed by Danny Elfman

BGM: “TV Theme” – Batman 1966 TV series – composed by Neal Hefti, performed by the London Music Work’s Orchestra

“Streets of Gotham” – [Batman: The Video Game (NES)] – composed by Naoki Kodaka, Noboyuki Hara

“Batman: The Video Game (NES) – Stage 1 Theme (Streets of Desolation) [COVER]” – covered by Nestalgica

“Stage 1 & 6” – [Batman: Return of Joker] – composed by Naoki Kodaka

“The Bat” – remixed by Astral Tales

“Main Theme” – [Batman: Arkham City] – composed by Nick Arundel, Ron Fish

“Batman: Arkham City Main Theme Ultimate Metal Cover [TheBeckProject] – covered by The Beck Project


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