It’s time for another monthly episode of “On Stage Now”, featuring Sleeping Forest.

Sleeping Forest was discovered while doing an episode about Mental Health Awareness Month. The track was “The Days When My Mother Was There”, a cover from Persona 5. I was immediately attracted to it and has become a personal favorite track of mine. Sleeping Forest has done many collaborations with other remix/cover artists, including Lollia and Sapphire.

I hope you enjoy these tracks from Sleeping Forest’s work. Be sure to visit their channel, follow on social media, and listen on the streaming services.


Sleeping Forest (Business Website, YT, Instagram, TwiX, Spotify, Soundcloud)



Track Listing

“Castlevania | Bloody Tears | Metal/Vocal Cover feat. Kal” – [Castlevania]  – covered by Kal

“Deltarune – The World Revolving” – [Deltarune] – remixed by Sleeping Forest

“What the Hell” with OE3O and Lollia [original Helltaker fan track]

“Drum Go Dum [ROCK COVER]” – [League of Legends] – feat. ChichiAi and officialkathychan

“GIANTS (TRUE DAMAGE)” – [League of Legends] – covered by Kuraiinu, GameboyJones

“POP/STARS (K/DA)” – [League of Legends] – covered by Lollia

*”Colors Flying High FULL OPENING” – [Persona 5] – covered by Lollia and Sapphire

*”Blooming Villain (Boss Theme)” – [Persona 5] – remixed by Sleeping Forest

*”Rivers in the Desert” – [Persona 5] – covered by Lollia

Outro: “Chozo Waterfall Ruins”


*from the cover album “Personified”, where available


YouTube playlist