It’s that time of the month for another special episode of “On Stage Now”.

This month’s feature musician is Jonny Atma (aka GaMetal), a multi-instrumentalist with an itch to rock your ears out to his remixes of video game music. With 10+ years of music and averaging 3 tracks a day on his YouTube channel, he has strummed and drummed to a variety of tracks, from Japanese and Western RPGs, to platform and Metrovania, and even some Touhou (IYKYK). No game is too common or too niche for him to remix.

Prepare your headphones and get ready to bop your head and bend your neck to the ways of GaMetal. You have been warned…


GaMetal [Jonny Atma] (Personal Website, YT {GaMetal, Atmacoustics}, Instagram, Reddit, TwiX, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, BC, Patreon, Merch)



Track Listing

“Type A” – [Tetris (Gameboy)] – originally composed by Hirokaza “Hip” Tanaka

“Don’t Be Afraid (FFVIII Battle Theme)” – [Final Fantasy VIII] – originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu

“Punch-Out!” – [Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!] – originally composed by Mahlon Merrick

“Beginning/Vampire Killer” – [Castlevania] – originally composed by Kinuyo Yamashita

“Melancholy of Lunatea” – [Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil] – originally composed by Kohta “Solidstate” Takahashi, from GaMetal’s album “VI”

“Hell Raven’s Fury (Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom – Nuclear Fusion)” – [Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism] – originally composed by Team Shanghai Alice, from GaMetal’s album “VI”

“Matriach Massacre” – [The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth] – originally composed by Ridiculon (Jon Evans, Matthias Bossi), from GaMetal’s album “VII”

“Fearless Champion” – [La-Mulana] – originally composed by Houryu Samejima, from GaMetal’s album IX”

“Sunflower Slumber” – [Touhou Gensoukyo – Lotus Land Story] – originally composed by Team Shanghai Alice, from GaMetal’s album “X”

“Battle B2 (Boss Battle)” – [Shin Megami Tensei IV] – originally composed by Ryota Kozuka, from GaMetal’s album “Side-Quests Vol. 3”

Outro: “To Far Away Times (Chrono Trigger)” – [Chrono Trigger] – composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, remixed by GaMetal, from the Bandcamp album “Atmacoustics, Dusk Vol. 1”


YouTube playlist