1999: The year in which Nintendo released Jet Force Gemini for their N64 console. It first came out in October, on the 1st in North America and on the 30th in Europe. It finally came out in Japan on December 1st, under the name “Star Twins”.

Jet Force Gemini was a third-person adventure about a crew of intergalatic defenders: siblings Juno and Vela and their mascot dog Lupus. They fight against the insectoid drone forces that are led by Mizar as they scour the galaxy, saving Tribals. With an assortment of weapons and individual abilities, the crew manage to deal a major blow to Mizar’s invasion.

We’re taking another video game dive into Jet Force Gemini, listening to several tracks and their remixes. This episode is a special treat for remix fans as it features tracks from OC Remix arrangement album “Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks!”

So, sink into your favorite lounge piece and prepare to blast off into the stars with Juno, Vela, and Lupus.


Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks!



Track Listing

Intro and BGM: “Title” – composed by Robin Beanland

“Goldwood” – composed by Alistar Lindsay

“Goldwood Glimmerstep” – remixed by bLiNd

“Sekhmet” – composed by Alistar Lindsay

“Dreadnaught of War” [Battle Cruiser Sekhmet] – remixed by Glejs

“Spawnship” – composed by Alistar Lindsay

“Dance of the Ant Spawn” – remixed by GlacialSpoon

“Boss Battle” – composed by Robin Beanland

“Fury Cutter” – remixed by PirateCrab

“Mizar’s Palace” – composed by Alistar Lindsay

“CompuSiege” [Mizar’s Palace] – remixed by aluminum

Outro: “Big Bug Funk” [Funky Disco, Ichor] – originally composed by Alistar Lindsay , remixed by Deedubs


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