Wow! One hundred episodes. I never thought I’d make it this far but here I am.

Welcome to a very special episode, in parts. To celebrate, I’ve decided to play a track from each episode, starting with the first one. Each track, whether it’s an original or a cover or remix, will be significant or have some special meaning to me. Along the way, we’ll also hear from other podcast hosts with their congratulations and mention a track or episode that they enjoyed.

While I thought about doing one big episode, I had a feeling that no one in their right mind would listen to an episode that’s 6+ hours long, so I’ve decided to break it in parts. The notes for each episode will have a listing of the episode and track played from that episode.

This is a wonderful opportunity for listeners to enjoy the tracks and perhaps stir something in themselves from a track that was heard.

I hope you’ll enjoy these tracks as much as I enjoyed picking them out.



Track Listing

Episode One – “Kingdom Hearts – Dearly Beloved (Kayou Remix)” – remixed by Kayou. Beats

Episode Two – “The Disaster of Passion Bossa Nova Cover” – covered by AkitoBass

Episode Three – “Final Fantasy VI Opening Theme – Epic Metal Arrangement Cover” – covered by Cesar Ramos

Episode Four – “Twoson (Boy Meets Girl)” – covered by Michelle Heafy

Episode Five – “Persona 5 Royal – Take Over” – covered by The Consouls (with Sapphire)

Episode Six – “Daughter of the Dark God” – composed by Yasunori Nishiki

Episode Seven – “Genshin Impact: Main Theme (EPIC Orchestral Re-make)” – remixed by Atharva Mohite Music

Episode Eight – “Super Mario Bro Underwater (But it’s Lofi Hiphop Remix)” – remixed by Malch

Episode Nine – “The Wellerman x PaRappa the Rappa – Chop Chop Master Onion Rap Remix” – remixed by toddie to nico

Episode Ten – “Weight of the World English Version” – composed by Keiichi Okabe

Episode Eleven – “Zero Escape – Monitors || Remix” – remixed by Everything Fantasy

Episode Twelve – “Stella’s Departure – Spiritfarer Vocal Cover” – covered by Cellochicita

Episode Thirteen – “Star Wars – Starkiller’s Theme | Piano & Orchestra | The Force Unleashed” – remixed by Lucas King

Episode Fourteen – “Mother: Pollyana Jazz/Funk Cover” – covered by insaneintherainmusic

Episode Fifteen – “Alan Wake – The Poet and the Music” – covered by Alina Gingertail

Episode Sixteen – “Donkey Kong Country 2 – Flight of the Zinger” – remixed by DJMykah

Episode Seventeen – “Persona 5 – The Days When My Mother Was There” – remixed by Sleeping Forest

Episode Eighteen – “Brat Overflow – Branched” – rearranged by Yoshimi Kudo

Episode Nineteen – “Kidou Senta Iron Saga OST – Sea of Fire (Orchestra Version)” – rearranged by Kohta Yamamoto

Episode Twenty – “Super Mario RPG “Geno’s Woods (Beware the Forest Mushrooms)”” – remixed by Orkybash

Episode Twenty-One – “Child of Light – Dark Creatuers (Cover)” covered by Chris Banes Music

Episode Twenty-Two – “Assassin’s Creed III Main Theme | Epic Orchestral Cover” – covered by Connor Ellis Music

Episode Twenty-Three – “Power Drift” – covered by Kirby’s Dream Band

Episode Twenty-Four – “Morrigan Stage” – rearranged by ANARCH TAKAPON (Takayuki Iwai)

Episode Twenty-Five – “.hack//Prairie Rain Remix” – remixed by Nomadic Bard

Episode Twenty-Six – “Azure Blue World… for Emerald Coast” – covered by Meelz

Episode Twenty-Seven – “Three Houses Main Theme – Remix Cover (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)” – remixed by Vetrom

(A word from barsilence)

Episode Twenty-Eight – “Streets of Rage – Title Theme (New Nova Remix)” – remixed by New Nova

Episode Twenty-Nine – “Whisper & Mantra” – remixed by Theology

Episode Thirty – “Chronos Re-Imagined” – covered by Pan Nexus

Episode Thirty-One – “Metal Gear Solid Theme | Epic Orchestral HYBRID Cover” – covered by EpicTrailerMusicUK

Episode Thirty-Two – “Legend of Arcana – Tale of the Nagi” – remixed by Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt

Outro: Episode Thirty-Three – “We Are Who We Are” – composed by David Gibson Mclean, lyrics by Zaid Tabani, vocals by Lacey Johnson


YouTube playlist (to be created)