Here’s Part Two of episode 100, as we continue to celebrate a milestone for the podcast.

As with Part One, we’re playing a track from each episode, whether it’s an original, a cover, or a remix. We may also hear from other podcasters about their favorite episode or track.

Sit back and enjoy this long playlist of video game music…



Track Listing

(A word from VGMporium)

Episode Thirty-Four: “Store Man (Warehouse)” – composed by Masashi Mamauza

Episode Thirty-Five: “Zelda’s Legend [Title, Zelda’s Theme]” – remixed by LindsayAnn Pepper

Episode Thirty-Six: “Weird Autumn (Remix)” – remixed by CG5, Gamechops

Episode Thirty-Seven: “Maggie’s Quest” – covered by SuperMadNES

Episode Thirty-Eight: “[Remix] SharaX – Luigi’s Mansion” – remixed by SharaX

Episode Thirty-Nine: “Alan Wake Theme [Trace Remix]” – remixed by TranceRemiX

Episode Forty: “Arise With You (Parasite Eve Remix)” – remixed by Luminist

Episode Forty-One: “Memories of Dawn and Wine” – remixed by BAND-AID

Episode Forty-Two: “Main Theme” (Horizon Zero Dawn) – covered by Alina Gingertail

Episode Forty-Three: “Super Bomberman R – Planet Timbertree Remix” – remixed by Bland White Cube

Episode Forty-Four: “The Frozen Wilds – 80s REMIX” – remixed by Levi Doron

Episode Forty-Five: “Confrontation – Boss 2” – arranged by Saori Kobayashi

Episode Forty-Six: “Nostalic Song (Oboe/Recorder/Ocarina Cover)” – covered by Fields of Reeds

Episode Forty-Seven: “Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time (80s remix)” – remixed by sulkembo

Episode Forty-Eight: “Terra of the Bells” – remixed by Argle

Episode Forty-Nine: “ENGLISH Our Light Persona 5: Royal (Akane Sasu Sora)” – covered by Akane Sasu Sora

Episode Fifty: “From Downtown” – remixed by ktriton, Mustin, Stevel Lella

Episode Fifty-One: “Nahida Theme Music – Boundless Bliss (KemQuy Remix) | Genshin Impact” – remixed by KemQuy

Episode Fifty-Two: “Guardia Millenia Fair” – covered by Mariachi Entertainment System

Episode Fifty-Three: “Viridescent Hills” – remixed by Jahn Davis

Episode Fifty-Four (skipped due to recap of 1st year)

Episode Fifty-Five: “Tokyo Machine – GRADIUS REMIX” – remixed by Tokyo Machine

(A word from Shujin Academy VGM Club)

Episode Fifty-Six: “Kingdom of Uraya” – covered by The Consouls

Episode Fifty-Seven: “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Vs. Penny [Arkhand EUROBEAT REMIX]” – remixed by Arkhand

Episode Fifty-Eight: “The Legend of Zelda: Title Theme Orchestral Arrangement” – arranged by Evelyn Lark (The Noble Demon)

Episode Fifty-Nine: “Title Theme/Do the Mario – Super Mario Brothers Show Show | Super Smash Bros Ultimate” – remixed by A_A_RonHD

Episode Sixty: “Tower of Fantasy OST – “Meant to Be” EDM Remix” – remixed by Erra

Episode Sixty-One: “Empress of Fire” – covered by Firamiel featuring StringPlayerGamer

Episode Sixty-Two: “[Persona 3] Memories of You (English Cover)” – covered by Sapphire

Episode Sixty-Three: “The Secret of Monkey Island – Main Theme [Eurobeat]” – rearranged by Anthony McBazooka

Episode Sixty-Four: “Piranha’s Lullaby Plant” – remixed by Mustin

Episode Sixty-Five: “Havestella: Vows Between Man and Star [Title Theme]” – covered by Patti Rudisill and Samantha Ballard

Outro: Episode Sixty-Six: “Two Dragons, One Cup… of Funk” – remixed by TheOneUps


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