Welcome to Part Three of Episode 100, celebrating major moment for the podcast.

This will be the final part of the episode, as we finish the rest of the episodes after Part Two

I hope you enjoyed listening to all the tracks from each and every episode made, and I hope to continue with 100 more…



Track Listing

Episode Sixty-Seven: “The Great Sea” – by ZREO: Second Quest, Altys

Episode Sixty-Eight: “Kirby’s Dream Land – Green Greens [Remix]” – remixed by Qumu

Episode Sixty-Nine: “T. Hawk Theme – Super Street Fighter II SNES (Cover/Remix)” – remixed by Sonicfat5150

Episode Seventy: “Lady Dimitrescu Sings A Song (Resident Evil 8 Village Parody)” – composed by Aaron Fraser-Nash, vocals by Jennifer Victor

Episode Seventy-One: “Apex Legends – EPIC METAL COVER” – covered by PirateCrab

Episode Seventy-Two: “Xiao: Doombane (Path of Yaksha) – Remix Cover (Genshin Impact)” – remixed by Vetrom

Episode Seventy-Three: “Bustling Afternoon of Mondstadt from “Genshin Impact”” | Jazz Version (ImRuscelOfficial)” – covered by Ruscel Torres

Episode Seventy-Four: “[FGO] Grand Battle Theme – Remix Cover [Symphonic Metal Cover]” – remixed by Kieren Zane Roberts

Episode Seventy-Five: “Sanctuary Guardians” Earthbound Remix – remixed by Noteblock, with Stevie Viola

Episode Seventy-Six: “Aqua Capital Mac Anu | Metal Guitar Cover” – covered by Ferdk

Episode Seventy-Seven: “Mad Streets Theme” – composed by Jacob Shrum

Episode Seventy-Eight: “13 Sentinels: Aegins Rim -(ISOLEUCINE)- Arrangement” – rearranged by Justin Thornburgh Music

Episode Seventy-Nine: “A World Withouth Danger (sTayU Remix)” – remixed by sTayU

Episode Eighty: “Insatiable (from Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV)” – covered by Ferdk

Episode Eighty-One: “Silent Hill: Downpour – Intro Perp Walk (ReMIX) [Ver. 2]” – remixed by PieceofSheet666

(A word from A VGM Journey)

Episode Eighty-Two: “Shadow Lugia’s Boss Medley – OrchestralRemix (Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness)” – remixed by Evangelos Callow (PhantonV13)

Episode Eighty-Three: “Doom – At Doom’s Gate [E1M1][Remix]” – remixed by Qumu

Episode Eighty-Four: “To All of You – Syd Matters (Cover by Write Me a Letter)” – covered by Write Me a Letter

Episode Eighty-Five: “N64 Goldeneye 007 Watch Theme – Synthwave | Banausic” – remixed by Banausic

(A word from Pernell of Rhythm and Pixels)

Episode Eighty-Six: “Balloon Fight ‘Ska Poppin'” – remixed by virt (Jake Kaufman)

Episode Eighty-Seven: “Opening Theme [Full Song]” – composed by Hexany Music

Episode Eighty-Eight: “The Bat” – remixed by Astral Tales

Episode Eighty-Nine: “Rivers in the Desert” – covered by Sleeping Forest, vocals by Lolia

Episode Ninety: “Persona 5 “Break It Down” | Cover by Legendav” – covered by Legendav

Episode Ninety-One: “Nascence from Journey (PS3)(Helix Remix)” – remixed by Helix

Episode Ninety-Two: “Bloodborn Theme – Hunter of the Night (Castlevania Style)” – remixed by Alex Roe

Episode Ninety-Three: “Sunflower Slumber” – covered by GaMetal

Episode Ninety-Four: “Alleycat – Persona 5 Saxophone Cover Theme” – covered by VanilleFleurCannelle

Episode Ninety-Five: “Give Me! (Instrumentals) – Remix Cover”- covered by Vetrom

Episode Ninety-Six: “Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon – Midnight Mountain Home (Synth/Metal Cover Version)” – covered by Dacian Grada

Episode Ninety-Seven: “Kingdom Hearts – Hollow Bastian Remix” – remixed by BlueAura

Episode Ninety-Eight: “Milky” – remixed by Voltz Supreme

Outro: Episode Ninety-Nine: “Furry Cutter” – remixed by PirateCrab


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