Happy New Year, everyone! As they say, it’s a new year and a new me. Time to grab some paper and pen and write down those resolutions for 2024. Whether it’s losing weight, saving money, going on a trip, or moving up the corporate or social ladder, there’s something that someone wants to achieve.

I have made resolutions in the past, and admittedly very few of them were accomplished. For 2024, I’ve decided to do a New Year’s Gaming Resolution. It’s generally just playing video games, but it can be a new game that was purchased recently or in the past, a game from a series that I haven’t explored, or a something from the pile of Games Yet To Be Played. While I do still playing some video games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, or Apex Legends, this resolution allows me to widen my gaming experience and exposure and stir some conversation on social media.

For this week’s episode, we’ll be hearing tracks from video games in my New Year’s Gaming Resolution: Mario fighting against a gang of metal, a cadet transported to a new world, and a swordsman who thinks two swords are better than one. We’ll also hear some covers and remixes of these original tracks.

Perhaps you have some gaming resolutions this year as well. A new game? A game that hasn’t been finished or completed? A game that’s from your pile? Whatever the case, may you follow through on your resolutions and see them to their completion this year.


“Super Mario RPG: Old vs New Music – WHICH ONE IS BETTER?”



Track Listing

Intro and BGM: “Happy New¬† Year! – Auld Lang Syne 8 Bit Remix” – attributed¬† to Robert Burns, remixed by Bubly

“Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure” – [Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars] – composed by Yoko Shimomura

“Opening [Super Mario RPG – 25th Anniversary Remix]” – remixed by Star Haven

“Stab the Sword of Justice” – [Star Ocean: The Second Story] – composed by Motoi Sakuraba

“[S O 2] Stab the Sword of Justic Remix” – remixed by yomiseru

“Starry Heavens” – [Tales of Symphonia] – performed by day after tomorrow, from their album “Primary Colors”

“Starry Heavens” – covered by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, from “20th Anniversary Tales of Orchestra Concert”

Outro: “English Opening” – [Tales of Symphonia] – composed by Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura


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